About Me

Jane Williams

EFT Adv. Practitioner and Trainer (AMMET)img042
EFT Master Practitioner (AMT)
Matrix Reimprinting Adv. Practitioner
NLP Practitioner

Like a lot of people in my field I started doing ‘therapies’ to sort myself out. I didn’t feel happy all of the time, I felt frustrated and I got angry about things.

Do I feel happy all of the time now? No, although I now know happiness is a choice and if I choose to wallow for a hour or so, that’s acceptable.

Do I still feel frustrated and angry? Of course, that is part of life. The difference now is that I can recognise that these are my feelings and I know how to use them and to replace them very quickly.
I am a real person, I have challenges, I am a work in progress. As are you.
I also have goals, dreams and a magnificent tool kit at my disposal. My intention is to empower you to make the changes that you want, to enjoy what you already have, to learn that there are choices and for you to realise that you can ‘be who you really are’.